Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Billy the Kid - Big Bucks or Pipe Dream?

In my last post, I mentioned that my wife, Ella, had picked up some Old West items at the estate sale where all the Elvis memorabilia was sold.  Apparently, the collector was also a Billy the Kid (BTK) fan, and had many BTK items.

Among other items, she picked up a small book called Billy the Kid - Las Vegas Newspaper Accounts of his Career 1880-1881, published in 1958.

It’s a very thin paperback, First Edition, and only 1000 copies were printed.   It is unavailable on, and a search at finds no other instances of this book currently being sold online.

It seems that I have a rare, or, at least hard to find, book in my possession.  On one hand, I’m happy about this because rare = money.  On the other hand, it makes me nervous because I have no idea of its true value, not being a BTK expert. I don’t want to list it too high, because it won’t sell.  And, of course, I don’t want to give it away at a low price.

Decisions, decisions.

So, I decided to list it very high with best offer.

So far, it has one watcher, but no takers.  I’ll let you know if it sells.

**UPDATE**  I  received a laughable Best Offer of $.99 from a potential buyer who questioned my Top Rated seller status with a vulgarity, and said the price borderlined on fraud.   Perhaps he was just upset that he couldn't afford the book.

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  1. Wow! What a payday that would be! Love your blog.