Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Gadget Boy Dance

Yesterday, I read a mildly interesting article on CNET by Sree Sreenivasan about “5 lessons from a lost iPhone.” I don’t have an iPhone, but could relate due to my reliance on my Droid smart phone.

What really piqued my interest, though, was the description of his “Gadget Boy Dance.”

“It's what you do when you get out of a taxi in NYC, tapping various parts of your clothing to make sure you have your gadgets, keys, wallet, etc., with you.”

When I go thrifting or to yard sales, I take my “geek tools” (smart phone, PDA/scanner combination, and iPad), and, of course, my wallet and keys.  The smart phone attaches to the right side of my belt, and the PDA/scanner combination hangs on the left side.  My keys and wallet go in my front and back pockets, respectively. The iPad remains in the car.

Since my phone generally stays attached to my belt, it’s usually just a matter of hooking my PDA to my belt as I get out of the car, and putting my keys in my pocket.   As I walk up to the sale, I know every scouting tool is in place and ready for action, and money is in my wallet.

Returning to the car, however, is when I go into my own Gadget Boy Dance.  I touch my PDA, my phone, my wallet, and my keys last.  And when I get in the car, I always check for my iPad, just in case.

Then, because I’m semi-OCD about germs, I always use hand sanitizer.  After all, you never know what grimy hands have handled that Nerf gun (by the way, Lorraine (, I found another one at Goodwill this week; now that I am looking for them, they are everywhere. I really need to get them listed. Thanks for the tip).

The process then repeats at the next sale.

Once I realized what I was doing, I felt self-conscious.  However, given the price of my geek tools, perhaps an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, even if I do look silly doing the Gadget Boy Dance.

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  1. Scott, Just be sure (and I know you will) to pre-determine your box and shipping method on the nerf guns. We quickly purchased a newly listed BIN lot from someone who listed it at a great price and with only $8.00 shipping. He didn't realize the long gun needed another box (large game priority) so he shipped 2 boxes at a whopping cost of over $25.00!! Ouch! He learned a hard newbie lesson.
    As for the gadgets. I carry nothing, not even a purse, but I tap my pockets for my car keys constantly after I once....make that twice....locked them in the trunk of my car.