Friday, June 1, 2012

It’s nice to have friends

All day yesterday, I had planned to come home from work, finish cutting the grass, pack a few items, list a few items (time permitting), play with the dogs, spend some quality time with Ella, and then go to bed. 

But all that changed with a simple phone call.

My phone rang as I was walking in my front door, but my hands were full, so I let it go to voice mail.  After changing into my grass cutting clothes, I listened to the message.  It was Rosita; she runs estate sales in the area.  I immediately forgot about the yard work.

I met Rosita several years ago at an estate sale, of course, and struck up a conversation with her, after I heard her tell a companion that she could “smell a dealer from a mile away.”  She seemed very stern, but I lightened the mood as I bought a few items, and told her that I hoped that my dealer smell didn’t offend her.  We talked for a few moments, and I explained that I bought and sold mainly books.  We exchanged phone numbers, and I promptly lost hers, figuring I’d never really need to call her.

A month or so later, she called me.  She was working a sale, and did I want to come look at the books early.  Of course I did, and made plans, at her convenience, for me to drop by.  I picked up some great books, and had a great conversation with Rosita. 

Some time later, she called me about some books that her husband was selling, and did I want to come look at them.  So, I visited her house, met her husband, and bought a few books, even though most, if not all, weren’t sellable.  There was just no way that I was going to walk out of that house without buying something.

I also run into her from time to time at estate sales that she is working.  And while she never lets me in early, at least in front of everyone else, she does tell me where the good stuff is.

It’s a good match.  She’s selling, and she knows that I am buying.

Back to last night.  She was working a sale for her son, Robert, who had many books, several hundred DVDs, and assorted other items.  The sale started today (Friday), but I was welcome to drive over that night for a preview.  I arrived promptly at 7 p.m., with Ella in tow.  Unfortunately, the books weren’t that exciting (i.e., sellable), but I did find a few items.  Ella found a stack of semi-collectible Time Life Western books for $1 each, and we haggled over a box of Twilight Zone DVDs (36 DVDs), and settled on $50, mainly because Ella wanted them, not necessarily because there were sellable.  I also found several collectible action figures.

We were coming dangerously close to the $100 mark, which was what I had in my pocket.  Ella and I must have been debating the money aspects a little loud when Robert told us that Rosita had promised that “our check would be good,” should we not have enough cash.

So, Ella wrote a check, and we walked out the door, with our $100 still intact for Saturday’s sales.  We were happy, Robert was happy, and, most importantly, I’m sure Rosita will be happy, which means she will call me again.

It’s nice to have friends in this business.

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