Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musings - Someone turn the river back on, please

Last week was an amazing sales week on Amazon for me right up until Friday, when someone turned the faucet off.  From Sunday to Thursday, I averaged 12 sales daily, easily surpassing, sometimes doubling, my goal of $100 in sales per day.  On Friday, sales dropped to two, and didn’t get much better on Saturday with seven.  Sunday was also slow, with only seven sales.  Fortunately, one of the overnight sales was:

Over on Ebay, sales also trickled in, including, much to my delight, this one:

The Macon Whoopee was a semi-pro hockey team in Macon, GA, which was ridiculed once by Johnny Carson on his show.  Obviously, it had a strong following outside of Georgia because the jersey was shipped to Wisconsin.

I had picked the jersey up for $1 at a sale earlier this year after I read that memorabilia from defunct sports teams can bring big bucks.  Obviously, you can believe some things that you read.

In between my fretting about slow sales, I did manage to attend a few yard sales on Saturday.  The first sale was at a local school, and Ella and I arrived promptly at 8 a.m.   As we pulled up, another dealer got out of his car, saw us, waved to be neighborly, and then trotted inside the sale as fast as he could.  It was meant to be humorous, and I was amused, but only slightly.  Fortunately, that particular dealer looks for different stuff than me, and while we have a friendly competition, I can see that competition intensifying as I expand my Ebay store, and encroach on his inventory “territory.”

The only other sale of any consequence was one that advertised Star Wars merchandise, and it didn’t disappoint. Even at mid-morning, there were still a large assortment of NIP action figures spread out over the drive way, and the owner didn’t even question why I was scanning each one.  I toyed (pun intended) with the idea of purchasing all of them, but mentally figured the return on investment wasn’t sufficient to justify the expense.  Still, I did pick up a boxful of higher priced items, including four Star Wars lego sets ($5 each) that are selling individually for $30 to $40 online.

Sunday was spent packing, listing, and watching the Falcons get embarrassed by the Panthers.

How was your weekend?

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