Monday, February 4, 2013

The Case of the Missing Hushpuppies

On Friday, I stopped by Long John Silvers (LJS) for a family meal of 8 pieces of fish, cole slaw, corn on the cob, and eight hushpuppies.  Upon getting home, and unpacking our salty, greasy feast, we discovered that they had neglected to include our hushpuppies, arguably the best part of the meal.

So, we grumbled about the unfairness while we ate. I was understandably perturbed, but Ella was actually moved to action.  She tried to call the restaurant, but they wouldn’t answer the phone.  So, she called the toll-free corporate number on the receipt, and left a scathing message about hushpuppies, or the lack thereof.  On Saturday, the manager of the restaurant called, apologized, and told us to come by for the hushpuppies and a free piece of pie.  Did I mention that Ella loves pie?

The moral of the story, at least to me, is that good customer service makes for a happy buyer, or at least a less disgruntled one.   

Speaking of Saturday, it was a bone-chilling 23 degrees when I woke up, so I decided that yard sales weren’t on the agenda.  After the temperature had climbed to a balmy 40 degrees, we decided to check out a mom and pop adult DVD store that was going out of business.  I had been in contact with the owner, and thought that if the price was right, profit could be had via Ebay’s “Everything Else” adult’s only category.   Yes, I know, porn isn’t exactly inventory for polite company, but sex sells, and I can’t afford to pass up any opportunity.  I thought about it long and hard, but, unfortunately, prices were still too high. However, I plan to stay on top of the situation as the store’s clearance sale progresses toward its inevitable climax.

Later, I visited a local thrift store for some more traditional thrifting.  While perusing the book section, this particular book caught my eye:

The book is about W.L. “Young” Stribling, a heavyweight boxer from the 1920s with strong ties to Macon, GA, my hometown.  I probably would have overlooked the book had I not driven across the W.L. “Young” Stribling Memorial Bridge in Macon countless times.  After a check with my smartphone, the book quickly went in my basket.  I also found several other vintage Georgia history books that had value, and was quite pleased with my small, but lucrative haul.

Speaking of books, I’m finding this particular one frequently during my scouting trips now.  It’s not worth a whole lot ($10 or so), but it’s a fast, reliable seller.

I spent Sunday packing and listing, then watching the big game.  Of course, being a student of the media, I always pay close attention to the commercials, and, overall, was disappointed in the quality this year, with a couple of exceptions, especially the Paul Harvey “Farmer” commercial.  Did you see it?

Have a productive week, everyone.


  1. However, I plan to stay on top of the situation as the store’s clearance sale progresses toward its inevitable climax...

    Pun intended?

    1. Of course. It seemed semi-humorous at the time.

  2. Love your blog - even the title made me smile!