Monday, May 20, 2013

12 miles

That was the approximate distance between our first stop on Saturday morning at a fire station yard sale, and our second stop at a church sale.  Unfortunately, in between the two stops, there was a rolling roadblock for eight miles due to a 12.5K Old Hospital to New Hospital Road Race, and we were stuck at the tail end.

Ella and I rolled slowly for approximately two miles (30 minutes), getting antsy about missing all the perceived bargains at the church. Fortunately for us, police officers began rounding up the stragglers in vehicles, and removing them from the race.  Also, we finally came to an official detour that got us around the runners.

We made it to the church only about 15 minutes late, and found squat.  It also had started to rain at that point.  Needless to say, we were not amused, especially as subsequent sales not canceled by the rain yielded very little.  Finally, we decided to call it a day.

Upon arriving home, I decided to pursue another avenue of inventory that I had been nursing along for a couple of weeks.  I saw this ad on Craiglist in late April:

Comic Collections:
I have a huge collection of hard back comic books everything from Terry and the Pirates, Superman, Batman, DC Archives collections, Flash Gordon, Little Orphan Annie, Little Abner and much more. Cover price for all together is over 2800.... Im going through a divorce and need money asap! If someone wants to come today Saturday and get today will let go for 450....please call or text or email if you want to look at.....thanks.

Comic books can bring big bucks!

The owner of the comics and I had messaged back and forth, until she finally dropped the price to $350 last week.  So, I messaged her Saturday afternoon, and made arrangements to see the lot.   Ella and I drove to her house (about 60 miles away), and after scanning a few of the books, quickly sealed the deal.  The owner even threw in a couple of limited edition statuettes (Superman and Batman), as well as four large, nicely framed comic strip pictures.  There were approximately 113 books/comic books, which filled up four plastic totes.

When I got home, I had time to list about 47 books, which totaled close to $1200.  With two totes left, I predict a very happy return on my $350 investment.
If you haven’t guessed from reading this and other blog posts, I love buying collections, and large lots. While spending several hundred dollars or more is scary, more often than not, the sum of the parts far exceeds what you initially pay by a very wide margin.

Sunday, as usual, was spent packing weekend sales.  We also went to see the new Star Trek movie.  If you’re a Trekkie, it’s a must see.

Live long and prosper.

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  1. Nice lot! Everything looks minty!
    We saw the Star Trek movie yesterday and loved it!