Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“I am not accussing u”

Actually, the buyer was “accussing” me.  He accused me of pulling the old bait and switch on this auction item:

Here is a transcript of our messages:

Customer: I will pay Wednesday that's when I get paid. is that okay?

Me: That's fine. Thanks for letting me know. Just to make sure, you do know these are backer cards, and not the DVDs, right?

Customer: no I didn't. I want dvds so im going to have to decline on paying. I guess I didn't notice that please do a cancel transaction report. thanks

Customer: Please cancel this purchase. I thought I was buying the dvds. I am not accussing u but I am pretty sure I read dvds and you could have changed the auction before u accepted the offer. That is my assumption.

Me: I will be more than happy to cancel the sale. However, to set the record straight, I had no need to change the auction after you committed to buy. It was and is for the backer cards as clearly stated in the title and the description. In fact, the description clearly states "NOT THE ACTUAL MOVIES OR DVDs."

I purchased the backer cards from a Blockbuster that was going out of business, even though I had read that customers sometimes confuse such mini-posters with the actual DVDs.  Since I read the title and description before buying anything, I figured my customers would as well.  I guess I was wrong.

Speaking of being wrong, I guess I am also wrong to expect customers to know their own address.

“Hello, i was wondering if i could change the address to where my package was delivered? I accidentally entered the wrong one.”

I received this seven days after the package had been shipped.

Ah, dear customers, we love you, but why do you have to be so stupid?


  1. I feel your pain... I just got my 1st ever not 5 star - I got a neutral on this listing:
    Condition: Used - Good
    Comments: G to VG condition - Image is this book - ©1972 - Stated 1st Edition - Ex-Library minimal stamps, stickers & markings - Binding clean & tight - Library Bound - No DJ - Pages are mostly clean, some have slight soiling from good use! - No writing, underlines or markings - Corners slightly bumped - Slight Shelf wear to cover - A Classic in its field!

    The customers feedback?
    7/28/13 3 I have the book, but it wasn't in "Very Good" condition. It was just "Good"
    In the 675 books I've sold over the past few years I've never had this happen...does my listing sound misleading to you? If it does, I'm going to re-think the wording I use.

    1. I don't think it is misleading because it is very specific, and very well worded. However, I would never list an ex-library book as anything but Acceptable due to the stamps, stickers, and markings. Plus, no dust jacket automatically qualifies the book as Acceptable, in my opinion. I always try to under promise and over deliver, and enjoy when a customer says the my item was "better than described."

  2. I guess with the volume of sales you have, a few problem customers are to be expected. I agree with you on the under promise and over-deliver theory. I often get "better than expected" comments in my feedback too even though I provide many photos in my listings.

  3. Hey Scott and Lorraine,

    Thanks for your responses to my comment...re-thinking ...re-thinking! 8-)

  4. Ugh..those rare bad apples make me grateful for the majority of my other customers. I had a message the other day from a woman who had purchased a scrapbooking stamp kit. She was absolutely thrilled with her item, and decided to send me a message as well as leave awesome feedback. Her sweet note made my day.