Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No slicky boyz

I saw this recently on Craigslist:

“I got a whole bunch (30-40) of those jewel-cut, ready for mounting, precious stones. You can buy them as a "lot" or in groups or individually. Bought 'em off that HSN or one of those jewelry selling TV stations for far more than they were probably worth . . . I don't really know. Anyway, If I wanna stay here in this house, I gots ta dump 'em. So I'm looking for someone who could give me a fair price exchange for these gems. I have Rubys and green ones and blue and yellow/orange, some pink and even some purple; Tanzanite I think it's called. So I'm a gonna put some good rez pics up in here and see if I can find a fair person that truly wants them and won't flenaggel me into paying him to take 'em off my hands for me. Seriously friends, please buy a beautiful gem for one of, or all of your loved ones at a premium price. Get creative with a tiara, a ring, a pin, tie clasp, belt buckle or piercing. All the proceeds will go to a noble cause. Trust me, there's something here you'll like. Pictures will be posted soon. Please no dealers or wheeler-dealers or slicky boyz.”

So funny that I had to share. 

Flenaggelers or slicky boyz need not comment.


  1. Haha! Hmm... I wonder if he sold any of those precious gems? :)

  2. I've noticed in many of your listings you put underscores between the words. Is there a reason for that? Thanks, Amanda