Thursday, December 12, 2013

Funny, offensive, or both?

If you keep up with the news, you know that the top story of the day is the “fake” sign language interpreter who worked Nelson Mandela’s memorial.  While I don’t know sign language, I do know funny, and that, my friends, is funny.

It’s so funny, it ought to be a plot for a TV sitcom.  Oh, wait a minute, it is.  Remember Spin City?  It was a comedy back in the late 1990s that starred Michael J. Fox.  In one episode, titled “Deaf Becomes Her,” an office temp's attempt at sign language during a press conference offends the deaf community, and a leading advocate for deaf rights threatens to demonstrate at City Hall.

Office temp "interprets" the mayor's remarks
Trust me, the clip is hilarious, and you can find it on YouTube.  It’s ironic that life imitates art so many times.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to see an exemplary use of sign language that even hearing people can relate to, look up allyballybabe on YouTube.  She interprets contemporary music, including many Taylor Swift songs, and shows how a skilled interpreter can translate not only the words of the song, but also the emotions as well.

Speaking of being offended, I was offended yesterday at my distressing lack of sales.  I was 0 for Amazon (my term for not selling anything on the big river) until last evening, and Ebay was no better, with only a couple of sales. Granted, we are closing in on the mailing deadlines, but that was ridiculous.  Here’s hoping today is better.

Happy sales everyone.


  1. Well, Mr. Barry, my sales have been slow as well, with 0 on some days and 1-2 on other days. Of course, I am doing very little listing this month, so am grateful for the few sales that do trickle in. Now I'm off to see that hilarious You Tube clip! Happy holidays to you!

  2. Yes, I found the Mandela non-signer amusing as well :) Sales have been slow this week, but I've also been sick and not listing much. Hoping for a great final week, though.

  3. Scott, It's been so long since you've posted. I hope you, Ella and Duc are doing well. I imagine that you are out snapping up after Christmas sales. Happy New Year!

  4. I took a short vacation. We did have a good holiday season, and hope you and your family did the same.