Monday, January 27, 2014

Let it snow ... not

I first heard the whisperings at Kroger on Sunday morning.  Someone mentioned the dreaded “snow” word.  Surely, not, I thought.  However, when I got home and checked, the cold, wet stuff was in the forecast for Tuesday.

In the 60s today, and snow tomorrow.  Wild weather in Georgia
Today, though, it is going to be in the mid-60s.  How’s that for a weather swing?

Duc’s excited because he’s never seen snow, and at the potential of the school system shutting down before the first flake even falls.  However, I cautioned him that the weather around here is fickle, and just because snow is forecast doesn’t mean any will hit the ground.

On one hand, the kid in me is hoping that it snows.  However, the adult in me is hoping that it doesn’t, because no one in the South knows how to act, much less drive, when the white stuff starts sticking.

But that’s tomorrow, so on to the business at hand.

I had a surprise visitor yesterday afternoon.  I happened to be looking out my window on Sunday, and saw a young woman pull up, and get out of her car carrying a small box.  Turns out, it was an Amazon return that I had authorized several days ago, and she was delivering it in person since the post office supposedly quoted her $18 to ship it, which is probably not true, especially since she lives only about 10 miles away. 

On Sunday, I also watched the latest episode of Thrift Hunters.  It seems our favorite thrifting boys had made their way to Georgia, my home turf, to see what treasures they could find.  They bummed around the Atlanta area for a while, visiting several thrift stores, and one suspiciously uncrowded storage unit sale.  I may be wrong, but it looked like they were the only ones there, almost as if they had gained entrance before non-celebrity thrifters like you and me had a shot.   Let’s see … last week, they found good stuff at a not-open-to-the-public warehouse, and this week, they picked up good stuff at a sale where they got first dibs.   I do believe a pattern is emerging.  They are finding their best items only when they are getting preferential treatment.  Am I wrong?
This ugly guy was a
$29 sale

Backtracking to Saturday, Ella and I visited our first institutional sale of the year at a local high school.  We were late, since we had to drop Duc off at driving school, but there were still some bargains to be had.  I found several decent books to list, a vintage Casio MT-100 keyboard ($3), and other assorted odds and ends.  Unfortunately, the day went down hill from there.

On the sales side, Ebay has been dead to me for the past couple of days, with only several small orders.  Thankfully, Amazon picked up the slack a little, with 17 sales over the weekend, including a $29 troll.

As January is winding down with a whimper, I am not looking forward to February, which traditionally has been one of my slowest months.  I sound like a broken record, but clearly what I am doing now is not working, and I need to work harder, smarter, and faster or it’s going to be one cold month.


  1. It was 50 degrees here yesterday, and this morning it was down to 30 below zero with the windchill factor. The only thing good about cold and snow is that it might get home bound folks browsing and buying on ebay and amazon. I'm trying to stay positive about this whole thing through chattering teeth.

  2. A lot of good sellers are complaining that it's been slow. Maybe it has something to do with the weather or maybe because they're all planning parties for the big game.