Monday, March 10, 2014

Where did the weekend go?

I took a vacation day on Friday to attend a small book sale in a nearby city, and to visit a church thrift store in yet another nearby city, and a consignment sale just a few miles from home.
Needless to say, the day went by fast.  First, the book sale was lucrative, despite its size.  With a good selection of books, and no competition, Ella and I managed to snag approximately $750+ worth of media to sell on Amazon, some children’s books, and five vintage Disney record albums that I put in our antique booth.
After the book sale, we drove about 20 miles to a church thrift store that had been advertising on Craigslist. Unfortunately, the church listed no address, giving only a highway name.  A Google search yielded no address, only the same highway name and a disconnected phone number.  Google Maps took me to a convenience store whose clerks gave me blank stares when asked about the church.
Finally, we gave up, and headed toward home.  About five miles out of town, we stopped at another thrift store.  The clerks also had no idea about the competing store; however, a customer pointed us in the right direction, so we headed back.  Sure enough, we found the store, which was in the basement of a small church.
It was mostly junk, but I did snag a $60 book, a vintage pencil sharpener, and an uncut sheet of 29 cent Elvis stamps.  The stamps, which are both collectible and still usable ($11.60 face value), were priced at $2. Before we left, I talked with the proprietors, detailing how much trouble that we had finding their store, and suggesting that they put an actual Google-able address in their ad if they want to attract more business.  Later, I checked on Craigslist and noticed that they had taken my advice.
The consignment sale was mostly children’s clothes, but I did walk away with a $40 doll, new in package, for $8.  I should have put it on Ebay, but decided that the shelves in our antique mall booth were still a little bare.  

Saturday dawned to a fresh set of yard/garage/estate sales.  I found various odds and ends, but my favorite find was an unusual set of over-sized plush Disney characters for $5.  The characters were homemade, crocheted by the seller’s mother.  I haven’t had time to take a picture yet, but will share in a later blog.
Late Saturday afternoon, Ella and I took a bunch of stuff to our antique booth.  

Rack now actually has DVDs; we also added framed cartoon art,
Vietnamese silk ties, and a unique CD rack from a storage unit sale
Scan me, please
On Sunday, I listed all the books from Friday’s book sale, and took more stuff to the antique booth, including a couple of these Scan Me! signs.  Scanning the QR code with your phone takes you to my Ebay store. Go ahead, try it.  You know you want to.

Finally, I packed my sales from the weekend.
Speaking of sales, I had my first international sale after enrolling in Ebay’s Global Shipping Program last week.  The sale was for my Elvis pocket watch, and instead of mailing it to the buyer in Australia, I mailed it to the Ebay shipping center in Kentucky, who, in turn, will actually ship it to the buyer.  Ebay assumes all liability for the international shipping; all I have to do is get it to the Bluegrass State in one piece.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this watch actually makes it to Australia
On a totally unrelated subject, thank goodness that it’s finally Daylight Savings Time.  Why?  The clock in my truck is finally right!
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Your booth looks great! I was sitting on the edge of my seat reading your post, waiting to see if you had any sales, but you didn't say. How has the experience been so far? Any comments from shoppers on your space? Any sales?

    1. Sad to say that sales have been very slow. We know that one small table has sold. We are still working to get the shelves filled, and some larger items on the floor. I'll post sales numbers, if any, at the beginning of April once we get our sales report. Having a booth adds a new layer to our scouting, and, of course, means more work. Plus, we are still trying to develop a quick and easy tagging and inventory process. Thanks for asking!

  2. Your booth is looking fantastic!! I went to my first garage sale and church sale of the season (my first signs of spring around here:). I hauled off some nice toys and vintage games and puzzles. Now to get them listed!

  3. Since enrolling in Ebay's Global shipping Program I have had 5 international sales in the last month and gotten feedback for three of them already, I am impressed with the speed that my customers got the products. I think you will like the program. Hope your booth does well, it looks really inviting!

  4. Your booth looks nice. I created an Excel spreadsheet to keep with the inventory. I bought address labels and cardstock paper that I printed booth # and item number on. I stick a tag or tie a tag on each item . A lot of sellers hand write everything in a spiral notebook.