Monday, April 21, 2014

Sleeping late

I got a rare opportunity on Saturday morning to sleep late, and by late I mean 7 a.m., as opposed to 4:30 a.m., which is my default wake up time Monday through Saturday.  It was Easter weekend, and with only a spattering of yard/garage/estate sales, I figured I deserved a morning off.

Of course, having a morning off is a relative thing, since I listed Ebay and Amazon items, while Ella decided she couldn’t let a Saturday morning go by without visiting at least one sale, where she spent $10 on various odds and ends, including a box of Magic the Gathering cards.

Saturday afternoon, though, we felt the pull of an auction in a nearby town, so we braved the drizzle, hoping we wouldn’t be disappointed with what was up for bids.  The auction featured local sellers in 30 minute increments, and was mostly yard sale crap.  Since it was a reserve auction, and the sellers could decide if they wanted to accept the bids or not, much of the stuff returned home with the sellers, who either had an emotional attachment to their wares, or had an overinflated since of its worth.

One seller did have some NASCAR items, which I always look at, but very rarely buy.  I think it’s the law in Georgia that every yard sale feature at least one race car collectible.  In between the Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. stuff  was a Florida State Patrol car with collectible patch.  I could only find one for sale on Ebay for $32, so I bid and paid $5 for it. I hope it sells.

These are rare on Ebay; I hope rare means good in this case, and not worthless
After the bidding ended and we paid our tab, we headed back to Byron in time for our regular local auction.  Again, more crap, except for 20 pairs of new reading glasses, power 2.25, for $5.  I have them listed for $35, which probably is a bargain. 

I hope I was seeing clearly when I bought these reading glasses
Weekend sales were lackluster, but I did manage to sell about $180 worth of media on Amazon.  I also accepted a $20 best offer for two Star Wars action figures.  They were probably worth more, but I was tired of seeing them on the shelf.

These figures had been on my shelf for too long
Speaking of Star Wars, I finally listed my 25 pounds of Star Wars Lego pieces and the matching mini-fig set on Sunday.  The mini-fig set went quickly, with an accepted best offer of $50 (again, probably a bargain).  The bulk lot sold for full price, $200, this morning.

Sell it cheap, mark it gone
Sold for full price, despite best offer option
Looking forward to the weekend, it’s back to rise and shine at 4:30 a.m.  With Easter out of the way, I expect sales to be plentiful.  If not, that extra couple of hours sleep sure felt good.

Have a productive week.


  1. Holy smokes! That's a big box of Lego! I'm down to the last remnants of my 30 lb bag. After the minifigs sold, sales slowed down a lot, but last night someone bought the Millennium Falcon, so I was thrilled!

    1. I was too lazy, I mean busy, to separate all the Lego pieces. The buyer of the 25 pound box requested that I put all the pieces in Zip-Loc bags in case the box busted en route. I understood his concern, but decided that Zip-Locs weren't the answer. To appease the buyer, I packed the pieces in two 30-gallon garbage bags. It was an extra step, but I figured the price he paid warranted it.

  2. We're up at 5am everyday, including weekends. I just like getting up early on the weekends and having some quite time before the kids wake..LOL We used to be night owls and then I'd get up with the kids and life would be too crazy and hectic and my day would start off stressed and be that way all day. Not anymore. :)

    1. I am definitely NOT a night owl. If I had my way, I'd be in bed by 9 p.m. every night.

  3. Your post made me smile. We get what we think is a day off, and we just can't stay away. I sometimes think about skipping the garage sales when I can only find a handful listed, but I'm always afraid I'm going to miss that huge BOLO :)

    1. Exactly. The thought of letting that elusive BOLO fall into the hands of my competition is a powerful motivator.