Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You Plenty Good Kemo Sabe

As I mentioned in my last blog, we have a framed Lone Ranger Creed that was signed by the masked man himself, Clayton Moore, in 1984.  It’s actually inscribed (You Plenty Good Kemo Sabe) to Gordie Peer, who taught both Moore and fellow cowboy, Lash LaRue, many of their western tricks, including back-spinning draws from their pistol holsters, and how to use a bullwhip.
Signed creed is both a western
and an oil company collectible

It’s a western collectible, obviously, and, most likely, one of a kind.  On another level, it’s also an oil company collectible, with the Amoco logo emblazoned in the bottom left corner.  While it doesn’t have a certificate of authenticity, my gut tells me that it’s still worth good money.

I also have another autographed picture that features an unmasked Moore, LaRue, and Peer.  I also think that it is one of a kind, or at least exceedingly rare.

LaRue signatures average around $20, while Lone Ranger autographs are all over the board, ranging from $10 up to $100.  Peer’s name is worth less, but still very marketable.  If I can get $100 for that particular photo, I will be happy.

Moore, LaRue, and Peer
But, back to the creed.  After much thought, driven by the fear of selling it too cheap, I decided to auction it off, Ebay style.  I plan to set a reserve price, and display the creed with a bid sheet.  The highest bidder who meets the reserve can take it home at the end of the festival.  If it doesn’t sell, I can always put it on Ebay later.

Ella has her doubts about this tactic, but I’ve seen these western fans pay retail price for penny books; $20 for autographs; and $300 for the privilege to sit with the stars at the festival’s banquet. They obviously have money, and I so dearly want to help them spend it.

First, though, we have to get everything priced, packed, and ready to go.  Time is running out.

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