Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crap, now I need a hair cut

Ella and I learned last night that Great American Country, a cable TV channel, will be filming one of their “Endless Yard Sale” shows in the local antique mall next month, and the producers of the show have asked that dealers be on site, or at least near their phones, on the day of production.
Earlier this year, we watched an episode of the show where teams raced through the World’s Longest Yard Sale “competing to get the best finds, bargains and steals. Whoever brings back the best finds will be crowned the winners of Endless Yard Sale!”
Since the producers want dealers on site, I can only assume that contestants will be searching for bargains, and want the dealers there to, well, make deals.  Unfortunately for me, filming is set for a Wednesday, and unless I want to take a day off work, Ella will have to represent our interests, and smile for the camera.  She’s prettier than me anyway.
On a not totally unrelated subject, almost three years ago, I posted about the demise of my Mazda pickup truck, and my indecision as to what vehicle to purchase to replace it.  My two choices then were the Ford Transit Connect, or a pickup truck with camper shell.  The pickup truck ultimate proved to be the better choice, and it has served Barry’s Books well.
Last year, my business model changed a bit.   In addition to media and other small items, we’ve started scouting larger pieces for our antique booths.  The truck can handle some of the load, but many taller pieces just won’t fit.  So, last fall, I started looking at other vehicles.  The Transit Connect was still an option, but seemed a little pricey.  I then found the Nissan NV200.
After reading everything I could about the two-seater cargo van, weighing the pros and cons, and trying to understand all the reviews, especially the negative ones, we decided to test drive one in late December.  I almost pulled the trigger then, but decided that I could wait until I had paid off the truck, and saved enough money for a sizable down payment.
Ella is still unsure about actually driving the van
On Saturday, after crunching the numbers, selling some stock, and begrudgingly transferring some Paypal money to my checking account, I took a 2015 NV200 home.  The truck is not quite paid off (September), but I decided that we could handle the double payment for a month or two just to get some experience with the van before our trip in early August to the World’s Longest Yard Sale.
I still need to get a rear camera installed to make backing up a little less stressful, and I want to add an in-dash navigation unit to help get us from point A to point B.
You know, most guys go for the sports car with or without the accompanying blonde during their mid-life crisis.  I got a cargo van.  Go figure.
Looking at sales, I actually sold five cans of Pringles potato crisps for $30 plus shipping.  What would possess anyone to pay $6 per can?  Chocolate, of course.  These were limited edition, milk-chocolate crisps that I found at Big Lots. 
Only chocolate could make someone pay $6 for a can of Pringles
I shop frequently at Big Lots, which stocks closed out or overstocked merchandise.  My latest find are Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts, which Big Lots has for $1.25 per box.  They are at least $7 per box on Ebay.  Obviously, you have to be careful with expiration dates, but don’t overlook food items when you sourcing items for resale.
Switching gears slightly, I saw the extended trailer for the new Supergirl series that premieres in the fall on CBS, and it looked pretty cool.  Female superheroes are a hot topic now, so if you see any related merchandise, especially Wonder Woman, grab it.
This weekend promises to be busy, with yard sales, and an auction on Saturday night.  Our booths need some street cred since they may be on TV, so we need to find additional vintage or antique items.
Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Congratulations on the new van! I love it! Hey, maybe we'll see Ella on TV! My brother came close to being on a show once. They were filming Flea Market Flip at the Elephant's Trunk in Connecticut where he used to sell and he saw Lara Spencer there.

    1. OMG - I luuuuuuuvvvvvvv Flea Market Flip! It sounds like the deals are too good to be true - do you think they do that just for the camera? I want to rent a truck when we visit relatives in upstate NY and detour to the Elephant's Trunk and buy buy buy.