Monday, April 9, 2012

I met an Internet celebrity on Saturday!

One the things that I like best about going thrifting on Saturday mornings is that you never know what you will find or who you’ll meet.

Such was the case on Saturday, when I bumped into an Internet celebrity. OK, so the celebrity was a nearly 100-lb. dog named Bo who snuck up behind me carrying a dirty Frisbee, and who didn’t mind me almost tripping over him as I backed away from the table.

The owners were apologetic for the almost mishap, but since I’m not one to let a Frisbee-throwing moment get away, I took the disc and gave it whirl.  Bo took off after the toy; he didn’t quite catch it, but came close.

While Bo and I were enjoying ourselves, the owner explained that Bo is one of the featured dogs in the Ducks Unlimited screen saver that is downloadable from  The screen saver celebrates the loyal canine companions that follow the hunters into the field.  Here’s Bo:

Of course, the sale yielded other treasures, too:

Earlier in the day, I found another high priced Bible at an estate sale.  I thought it was appropriate, seeing as how it was the day before Easter.  I listed this one on Amazon since it had a barcode.

The most intriguing stop for us was a huge sale that had started on Friday afternoon.  Here was the ad:

“Yard sale starts noon on Friday, 6 APR 2012 ends Saturday 7 APR 2012 3PM or later, if busy. Sale includes go-kart, children's motorcycles, exercise equipment, complete shelving sets, lots of McCoy pottery, Bentwood rocker, VHS, DVDs, Gameboy advance games, CD ROM PC interactive child entertainment, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, computer parts, printers, plain paper fax machine, massive LEGO collections, bedding sets, toys, stuffed animals, shoes, clothes, medical scrubs, dictation equipment, books, TV, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas tree, ornaments, bows, etc. Boys soccer cleats, shin guards, roller blades, skateboard, all kinds of stuff. Everything in decent condition, we're just downsizing and we have way too much stuff. BIG plastic doghouse, comes with free neutered, litter-trained 1 yr old tabby tomcat (beautiful, but slightly evil). Would make great cat for diehard cat person. We prefer cats that snuggle more than this one. He loves the outdoors but we live on a busy road so we can't let him out all the time. Bring a travel crate if you want the cat.”

The sale actually was about 45 minutes away from our house, but we had worked our way in that direction, and decided to see if they had any decent “leftovers” (see my previous blog on this subject). I’m glad we did.

We spent almost $100 at this sale, and purchased, among other items, a box of vintage dictation equipment, 22 Gameboy games, Left Behind audio books on CD, plus these items (not listed yet):

Working Digital Camera + Photo Prints ($3)

 Unopened film for camera ($.50)

Camera + Film (one unopened) ($1)

The whole time I was there, they were talking about selling what was left on eBay, and thinking they could make more money that way.

Later Saturday afternoon, though, they ran a curb alert in the Free section of Craigslist.  They gave away everything that was left.


  1. Bo is a gorgeous dog! I can see why he's a celebrity. Did you get his pawtograph? (tee hee)
    Regarding that long yard sale ad....was that on Craiglsit? Cuz if it was in the paper, it must've cost a fortune! I wonder what became of the evil cat...hmm?

  2. Yes, the ad was on Craigslist. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, there was no sign of the evil cat.