Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank You, Ella

I wrote last week about the approximately 50 boxes of bookstore inventory that I acquired at a church yard sale, so I thought I would provide a little update on my endeavors.

Three words express my progress so far: “Thank you, Ella.”    Ella is my wife of almost 20 years, by the way.

She took it upon herself to sort, pack (in Priority Boxes), and type in titles on at least 1200 cassettes, which allowed me to list 18 boxes on Sunday, with more waiting to be listed.   And, unbelievably, she is still not finished. She has a copier-paper box full of cassettes waiting to be processed.

After the tapes, she plans to tackle the CDs.

Also, I have to give her credit for finding a bunch of new, still in package, Friar Tuck clergy shirts at the same sale, something that I totally overlooked.  I got those listed on Sunday as well.

She’s becoming quite the “picker,” too, taking what I’ve taught her, and adding her own perspective.  She also encourages me to hit “one more sale,” when more often than not, I am ready to quit for the day.  Often, this “one more sale” results in fun and profitable finds.

As for this weekend, it was relatively quiet, with a small book sale taking up most of the morning.  We did hit a small church sale early, and a couple of small sales afterward, though, with modest finds at both, including this home-theater remote for $2.

What makes the remote so special, at least to me, was the exchange of dialogue before the sell.

Me: “How much for this remote?”

Owner: “$2”.

Owner’s Son: “$2? That’s a hundred dollar remote.”

Owner:  “I don’t care. I’m moving and have no use for it.”

Me: “I’ll take it.”

And I quickly paid before she could change her mind.

On a totally unrelated subject, I quietly passed a milestone last weekend, and thought I would share it.  Yes, I surpassed 1000 feedback on eBay. 


  1. So nice of you to thank your wife! I couldn't do without my hubby when it comes to picking. He looks out for stuff for me and I look out for stuff for him. Sometimes we each overlook obvious things in the frenzy. Congrats on passing 1000!!
    BTW, do a search on Steampunk Nerf and you will see what modified Nerf guns look like. :)

  2. How fun that you can go out with your wife and you two can be partners in crime, er, uh, picking! I don't know if I will ever get my husband into it but I think it would be fun to do together. Congrats on the feedback. I am at 992 and thinking I should do something crazy to celebrate my 1000th. :)