Monday, November 5, 2012

Dragged, Kicking and Screaming

You can’t make me, you can’t make me.

I thought those words over and over this past Friday as Ella tried to convince me to go thrifting on Saturday morning.  My storage area was at near capacity (a good problem), my cash flow was low due to poor sales (a bad problem), and, honestly, I was feeling burnt out on the whole shebang.  I wanted to sleep late, list some items, maybe attend a local fall festival, and then watch Georgia play football.  In short, I wanted a semi-normal Saturday.

Yet, Ella really wanted to go to the half-price sale at the local historical society flea market.  She had seen an 8-track player (remember those?) two weeks ago at their main sale, and hoped it would still be there for half price (a whopping $7).  Apparently, she has some old 8-track tapes that she wants to record to CD.

So, reluctantly, I agreed.  Of course, the sale didn’t start until 9 a.m., so Ella decided we had time to attend a couple of early sales, including a church bazaar.  And since we were going to be in Macon for the flea market, we could attend some sales in the area afterward as well.

After all was said and done, we thrifted from 7 a.m. until around 1 p.m., and my dream of the normal Saturday slowly slipped away.  Pretty much as soon as we got home, it was time to go to the community fall festival at a local church.   I figured we could stay for an hour or so, then make it back home for most of the 3:30 p.m. football game.   Wrong.  Between the free lunch, continuous cake walking (Ella finally won a cake), and waiting for the door prizes (you must be present to win … and win I did … a pound of pecans), we didn’t get back to the house until around 6 p.m.  After getting the dogs fed, and settling in for the evening, the game was over (Georgia won), and I was just too tired to list Ebay items.  I then dozed through the movie that Ella put on, and wound up in bed before 9:30 p.m.

Despite my whining, I grudgingly did manage to find some good items, including a whole copier paper-sized box of guitar strings for $3; a Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker with five or six boxes of individual coffees for $20; and assorted odds and ends.

On Sunday, after packing my sold items, I managed to list all my tacky Christmas sweaters/shirts, and then got dragged out of the house again by Ella, who wanted to go to a local flea market to see a wooden wishing well that a vendor was selling.   Fortunately for my wallet, it was too small for Ella’s tastes.  It was then on to Lowe’s for some rocks for Ella’s garden, and then to Wal-Mart for routine stuff.  I did find some clearance items there, including half price Mario costumes, and assorted toys to send to Amazon’s FBA program.

I can’t complain about what I found to sell over the weekend, although at this point, it just adds to the clutter in our storage area.  I won’t even complain about missing the football game on Saturday.  I will complain, though, the next time Ella looks at me, looks at the clutter in the storage area, and then utters the phrase the I’ve come to know and hate:

“Why don’t you get this stuff listed?”

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  1. I think it might be time to get Ella listing too. Don't hate me Ella but it is easy to get behind on listing especially when there are often two shoppers but only one lister. I feel for you Scott. I have gone on a treasure hunting fast until all my stuff is listed. Right now Im mostly working on all my Amazon stuff for the holidays though and slowly picking at Ebay.