Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musings - Baby, It's Cold Outside

It was 30-something degrees on Saturday morning as I visited my first yard sale of the day, and, as I often do, I posed a simple question to the bundled-up folks taking the money:

Who’s sillier … the person who runs a yard sale when it’s 30 degrees, or the person who attends the yard sale when it’s 30 degrees?

Usually, I think it’s me, but given what some of the “huge” sales had to offer, I now think it’s the proprietors who brave the cold weather to sell what can only be charitably called junk.

Fortunately, the morning warmed up nicely; unfortunately, most sales still offered only junk. 


Jimmy, Ella’s brother, went thrifting with us recently, and paid $5 for a Polaroid camera.  Now, $5 is a lot of money for Jimmy, who works only sporadically as a construction worker.  I asked him why he wasted so much money on that old camera. He replied that he wanted to take some pictures (duh!).  I then broke the news to him that he couldn’t buy film for the camera any more.  He didn’t, and still doesn’t believe me, and told me later that K-Mart said that they probably would get some film in soon.



Speaking of Jimmy, I wrote/bragged that he found a new in box Disney Fairy TV/DVD Combo for $20.  Well, I wrote too soon.  He was watching a DVD, and the unit just died.  Jimmy wasn’t too heartbroken over the loss of the TV, but he wanted his Scooby Doo DVD back.  After we pried the DVD tray open, the DVD was nowhere to be found.  We are both at a loss, literally and figuratively.


I finally found a Betty Crocker cookbook with the red pie cover.  Of course, I wouldn’t have known to look for it had it not been for all you wonderful bloggers out there.


Buyer Feedback:  I received this item promptly but the tape is not in a condition where you can play it without first tapping on the sides of the tape because the tape keeps getting caught in the VCR. I know it is not my VCR because I have other VHS tapes and they do not get caught in the VCR player. I give it 3 stars because of prompt delivery and the ability to view the tape after manipulating it.

My Response: I'm sorry you are having issues. However, the tape tested perfectly in my VCR without "tapping the sides."

Maybe I should start tapping all my VHS tapes.


Two local radio stations have started playing Christmas music 24/7.  Isn’t it still a little early? 

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