Friday, February 14, 2014

Nothing Zaxby's wings won't cure

Last night, Duc and I had a discussion about Valentine’s Day.  He was semi-upset that Ella and I were going out without him, and had posted on Facebook about staying home with the “two old dogs,” and that he felt like the “third dog” in our family.

As we talked, I learned that Vietnamese do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but do celebrate International Woman’s Day, which is a national holiday, on March 8.  On this day, men give their due respect to womanhood with bouquets of flowers, especially roses, much like men do in the U.S. on February 14.  Even in Vietnam, florists make a killing from our love of women.

Duc does understand Valentine’s Day, though, and I think he was just missing his friends back home, and fretting about being bored and by himself on a Friday night, which is completely understandable.   However, our house is a virtual entertainment center, with hundreds of books, DVDs, and CDs, plus Duc enjoys unlimited Internet access, so he should be just dandy.

Still, while I can’t totally alleviate his boredom or loneliness, I can bribe him with the promise of Zaxby’s sweet and spicy wings for dinner, which put a smile back on his face.   “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” apparently is a universal truth.

In other heart holiday related news, the one and only Valentine’s item in my inventory failed to sell again.  I bought this belt from Goodwill two years ago, and gradually have reduced the price, hoping it will sell.  Alas, I think it’s destined for the thrift store again.

Somewhere, some lady needs a Valentine's belt to compliment her holiday attire
During our yearly inventory in January, I de-listed most of my VHS tapes.  They don’t sell well, and really aren’t that profitable.  I did keep a few, though, including a $30 Shirley Temple tape that sold after she died this week.
Last December, I wrote about purchasing a box of new Swiftach guns, which attach sale tags to clothing.  I thought that retail stores would purchase the guns, but Lynn, who runs Lynns Little Shop on Etsy, commented that sellers working consignment sales would purchase a few as well.  She was right.  In January, I received an email from a local seller who was getting ready for a consignment sale, but had broken her gun, and wanted immediate local pickup.  That was a quick sale.  Last night, another Ebay seller purchased two.  Cha-ching.

My other big sale for the week was a group of Story Keeper DVDs.  I bought a complete set of 13 DVDs for $10, and sold them for $75.

Tonight, I’m taking my Valentine, Ella, to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater with a wild west theme.  She’s dressing up in her best cowgirl attire, and might even persuade me to wear a cowboy hat.


Have a productive and lucrative weekend.


  1. My husband and I went to a dinner theater production a few years ago for our anniversary- so much fun! Wishing a belated Happy Valentines Day to you and Ella!

  2. I have never heard of storykeepers before. hmm. GREATSALE!