Monday, February 3, 2014

What a difference a week makes

This time last week, we were preparing for a snowstorm.  Today, it’s 70 degrees.  Climate chaos, I tell you.

Saturday morning, though, was cold, not frigid, but apparently chilly enough to keep would-be yard sellers inside where it was warm.  As such, pickings were again slim, but I did stumble across some good stuff at an estate sale while Ella got her first ever massage, thanks to my Valentine’s present to her last year.  Yes, last year. 

Anyway, the estate sale promised the usual assortment of odds and ends, and since I was going on the second day, near closing time, everything was half price.  I figured all the good stuff gone, but I was wrong, thankfully, because it turned out to be a fruitful trip.

The book selection was limited to a few cookbooks, which I usually don’t even bother with.  However, on a lark, I decided to scan them just for grins and giggles, and I sure did start giggling (OK, maybe only on the inside) when I scanned Ninja Cooking Easier, Healthier & Better, Ninja Cooking System.  Used copies of this book were selling for more than $50 on Amazon.  Naturally, I kept that book, and scanned the rest.  The rest of the cookbooks weren’t worth much, but I was happy at the moment.

OK, everyone, say it with me. ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BOOKS.

I then found a new in shrink-wrap puzzle worth $14, and really started giggling when I found and scanned the 10 Minute Solution Fitness Ball Kit, also new in shrink-wrap.  There were only two copies on Amazon, both selling for $430, and both selling from outside the U.S.   Cha-ching for me.

All told, I spend $17 at the sale, and should make a tidy profit for my efforts. 

Ebay sales over the weekend lurched and stumbled along, with only a couple of sales.  Amazon wasn’t much better, and I only managed to make barely 50 percent of my daily goals for the weekend. 

With January behind us, spring can’t be far away, despite what Punxsutawney Phil said yesterday.  With spring, comes sales, including the first book sale of year later this month. 

It’s time to get back in gear.

Oh, by the way, Ella loved her massage. 


  1. They tell us that we're going to have 2 feet of snow on the ground here by the weekend. I am so over winter! Ebay sales have been decent for me. Amazon not so much. Congrats on the great estate sale finds- Cha-ching! :)

    I need to start looking at books more.