Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another one bites the dust

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about our local Family Dollar store closing its doors.  Today, I visited Kmart on the second day of its going out of business sale.

Yes, my beloved Kmart, where I got several cart loads of $.99 toys, a buggy full of $.99 Wrangler shorts, and no telling how many clearance bargains over the years, is calling it quits.

Signs are up on the outside, and the store even has an employee whose sole job is stand out by the road and spin a sign to attract attention.

Prices currently are marked down 10 to 30 percent, which really isn’t a bargain compared to Kmart’s normal sale prices on a good day.   So many shoppers are snapping up these perceived bargains, though, that I doubt much will be left when the discounts get deeper.   From what I read, the store will be gone by October.

Retail arbitrage, at least for me, will never be the same, or as easy.


  1. Our Kmart is closing too but I haven't been over there to see what kind of bargains they have. They will close their doors for good in September. I remember your Wrangler shorts post, that was a good buy!

  2. The one by my house closed about a year ago..alot of them did. There were only a couple left..wonder if those are closing too.

  3. The one in my city closed in April. But the one in the next big city is still open. I don't think the one in my city ever did well - too much competition from Walmart and Kohls. Kinda sad ....

  4. We have one KMart left. It's in Macon about 20 minutes away.