Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Would you like a sewing machine with your books?

A gentleman in Forsyth, about 30 minutes north of me, advertised 100 free cookbooks on Craigslist on Monday.  I immediately emailed him, and after a game of phone and email tag, we finally connected, and arranged for me and Ella to pick up the books Tuesday evening.

As I was packing the books in totes, he casually asked if I knew anyone who wanted a free antique sewing machine.  I would, I replied, probably a little too quickly. 

Can you take it now, he asked.

Sure, I said, if it will fit in the truck.  It would, and after helping man-handle the machine down the house’s narrow stairs, we got it loaded in the truck.  I then went back to get the books.

As I was about to load the final tote of books, the gentleman gave us a turkey fryer, used once, he said, to burn a Thanksgiving turkey, and never used again.

He then said that he had other things to give away, and would email us a list when it was ready.  We obviously thanked him profusely.

Ella scanned the cookbooks when we got home, and only found a couple that were worth more than a penny online.  Thankfully, we have our antique booth to unload some of the more vintage books.  The rest will go to the hospice thrift store.

The sewing machine, while not exactly vintage, will be one of the first furniture pieces in our new larger antique booth, which I have dubbed TBB (The Bigger Booth) until Ella comes up with a better name.  Of course, we don’t move in until August, which means we have to find suitable storage for the next two weeks.

As for the turkey fryer, I’ve heard horror stories of people burning down their house while trying to cook a big bird.  Ella wants me to give it a try (frying a fowl, not burning down the house), but more than likely I will sell it, or it will sit in my shed collecting dust.

Is it the weekend yet?


  1. Free is the BEST!! I some times have luck selling books on eBay for better prices than I can get on Amazon. That might be an alternative for some of your cookbooks.

    1. I sometimes bundle books on Ebay with moderate success. Other times, though, I wonder if the tax donation received from donating the books is worth more than what I can sell them for.

  2. Tax write-offs are good, too. I just took several bags/boxes of 'mistakes' to my local thrift.