Thursday, June 11, 2015

Endless Yard Sale

I’ve decided that watching Endless Yard Sale on TV is more fun than watching Endless Yard Sale being filmed.
It was overcast, gloomy, and misting rain when we arrived at the Big Peach Antique Mall at 7:30 a.m.  The production crew was already there, and set up under canopies outside in anticipation of an 8 a.m. start time.  By 8:10 a.m., all three pairs of contestants had arrived in separate vehicles, and a few minutes later, the host of the show, Paul Brown, drove up.  Apparently, he had attended the Rolling Stones concert on Tuesday night in Atlanta, and not only got a late start, but also got caught in traffic on his way to Byron.  After a quick dash into a rented RV to change clothes, he was ready to go.
Last minute instructions
Just one of the practice runs
Everyone's in position to get the show started
Producer puts Paul Brown  on the spot
The producer was busy giving the contestants last minute instructions, and they even practiced running away from their barrels … twice.   Finally, with host in place and contestants ready, the producer slapped the clapboard, and filming began.
It was anti-climatic to say the least, at first, but when the contestants started their mad dash toward the mall at the beginning of the 15 minute challenge, dealers, including myself who had been watching outside, scattered quickly, and ran (OK, walked really fast) to their booths in hopes of selling something or at least getting on TV.
Each pair of contestants had a cameraperson, a sound engineer, and at least one producer with them at all times as they roamed the mall.  A timekeeper kept track of the time for the contestants, calling out how many minutes remained.  By the end of the 15 minutes, one pair of contestants had passed our booth, barely giving it a glance. 
Two hours later, filming of this one challenge still was ongoing.  Again, dealers gathered outside the mall door, watching the action, or lack thereof, much to the consternation of the producers, who asked that we not stare at the cameras.  The appraisers were there, evaluating each of the finds, and finally, the contestants gathered at their barrels.  Before the winner was announced, the producers had the contestants make a practice run for the mall once again, which sent the dealers scurrying.
Contestants wait for their appraisal results; the contestants on the left won the 15 minute challenge
Finally, the winning team was crowned, and the winners practiced running to their truck.  When the camera was actually rolling, the winners grabbed their item, started running, but had to stop when a piece of whatever they had fell off.  So, they had to start all over again.
Then, the winners drove away.  What?  That was it? 
After a certain period, the second place winners drove away, then the third.
Oh, well, so much for that.  However, shortly thereafter, two of the teams were back in the mall shopping again.  Again, our booths were ignored.
We stayed until the last team exited the mall.  Apparently, the teams had another destination to get to, but that information was not provided.
I’m pretty sure both Ella and I were in camera range at some point, but we’ll probably end up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.
The producers say the episode will air in August or September.  I’ll keep you informed.


  1. Again, the bubble is burst when we find out what really goes on behind the scenes of those shows. We were disillusioned when American Pickers came to our small town in PA. A few different locations had been pre-screened by the producers...not by Danielle...and not by freestyling as you often see them do on the show It's all set up beforehand and the whole area knows they're coming weeks before they get there. Still it's fun to watch, but not at all the reality it pretends to be. So sorry that your booth was overlooked. Maybe another show will come around someday when you least expect it. You never know!
    Any update on the Rolex??

    1. I took it to a local jeweler, and handed it to the lady behind the counter, who immediately pronounced it fake, pointing out some discoloration on the band. She took it back to the actual jeweler, and not a minute later, returned with the same conclusion. Alas, another dream shattered.