Monday, June 8, 2015

My first Rolex

Real or fake?
OK, so it’s broken, and probably a fake, but my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw it in the box of souvenir bells that I picked up for $5. A local jeweler either will confirm my suspicions, or give me some good news.
Otherwise, Saturday was hit and miss, mostly miss, with just so many sales that it was impossible to visit them all.  Ella once again made an outstanding itinerary, but time was not on our side, and we probably missed some good sales, and by early afternoon, we were just too tired to go here:
“A combination of 3 estates over 2000 items tagged, including: classic cars, car parts, modern cars and truck, boats and motors, fishing equip, sporting goods, 1000's of license plates, antiques, collectibles. Two Airstream trailers, a 40 foot bridge, washer and dryers, refrigerators, household items. Over 300 photos posted, estate Vehicles include, 1932 Ford homemade, 2001 Jaguar conv, 1974 Datsun 260 with 350 Chevy, 2005 Ford F150, 2006 Chrysler town and country, 1998 buick rivera, motorcycles, 2 shotguns, A large group of Model A car parts, heavy sheet metal tools and equipment, complete 350 with trans, complete 454 with trans, jag rear end. Many unique items and rare antiques. Please be with us. See the only 1941 Graham Hollywood roadster in the universe.”
In our defense, it had started the day before, and was slightly out of town.  I know, a hard-core thrifter would have made the effort, but our tired feet and growling bellies made such rationalization easier.  However, we did make the short drive on Sunday morning to see if anything was left.
Holy crap!  The barn was still full of collectibles, and everything was half price.  We picked up vintage signs, framed Budweiser pictures, a large stained-glass dog in an old wooden frame, and assorted small collectibles. 
Oh, did I mention the books on the second floor of the barn?  I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.


The Georgia Coast: Waterways and Islands
The Avian Brood Parasites: Deception at the Nest
Storm over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future
The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History
Latin American Insects and Entomology
The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History
A Flora of Southern California
Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure and Function

This is the week that “Endless Yard Sale” films at the local antique mall, and we have to spend the next two evenings readying our booths for their Wednesday debut on the Great American Country channel, or so we hope.  We’re loading up our bigger booth with some nice pieces, and I’ve instructed Ella to be bold and daring, and to flirt if necessary, to get the contestants to buy our stuff.
I’ll try to share some pictures on Thursday or Friday.
As usual, there’s too much to do, and too little time to do it. 
Have a great week.


  1. Wishing you guys the best of luck with the Endless Yard Sale! :)

    1. Thanks. It should be fun, or at least educational.

  2. I really hope your Rolex is real. Hey, you never know! Then you and Ella can take a nice little vacation. :-)

    1. I'd probably just roll it over into more inventory. I'm such a workaholic.

  3. If the Rolex is real you could take a working vacation. A thrifting road trip would be an almost vacation.

    1. We already have one of those planned, actually. We are heading to Ohio in August, then working ourselves back to Georgia along the World's Longest Yard Sale.