Friday, March 2, 2012

Help, my wife won’t let me sell these DVDs

Last year, Ella and and I were visiting multiple Saturday morning yard sales, as usual, and late in the morning, we stumbled across a box of DVDs, marked $1 each. Another customer was perusing the box, so I patiently waited my turn. After the customer walked away empty handed, I walked up to the box, and the contents literally took my breath away for a moment.

IMAX DVDs, and boxed sets of TV programs, including the original Land of the Lost, Emergency, and T.J. Hooker.  All told, there were 40 DVDs and box sets.

Trying to contain my excitement, I began checking the ISBN numbers to make sure they were indeed worth something. The box of DVDs was, quite frankly, money in the bank.

Guarding the box with my life, I got my Ella's attention to make sure she had the money to pay for them. Yes, she controls the money. After all, she’s a former bank teller.  Taking the money from her, I paid for my box, and took them to the car.

Upon returning home, she decided to see how I spent the $40.  Her eyes got real big, and she uttered the nine words that I dreaded to hear.

“I want to watch these before you sell them.” She also decided that she would keep the Land of the Lost DVDs.

Negotiations then opened.

I conceded the Land of the Lost DVDs (I wanted to keep them to, but didn’t tell her that), in return for her not watching every IMAX DVD (she decided to watch only a couple).  She stood fast on watching the other TV box sets.

So, she gathered up the Land of the Lost DVDs, a few of the IMAX DVDs, and the TV box sets, and put them in her “to watch” corner of the room.

And there they’ve stayed.  Untouched, and gathering dust, for about six months.  I knew that I could sell them, but face her wrath later.  Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, right?

Finally, though, she broke down, and gave me permission to list them. I was almost giddy with excitement.

Soon after they sold, I was watching a video blog from Glendon Cameron over at  Among his many nuggets of wisdom, he advised to never, ever take your girlfriend, wife, or significant other with you to storage auctions (or, in this case, yard sales).

Why, you ask?

Because, they'll want to keep all the "cool sh*t" for themselves.

I hear ya, brother. 



  1. Hey now! Everything my hubby and I buy is to turn into cash. That being said, our teenage daughter insists on keeping anything Pokemon that we find, so that actually is a problem.
    Ok, I have a question. Dying to know. If you're Scott and your wife is Ella...who is Barry?????

  2. Taking kids are the worst. Any toy I buy they want. We have actually fought over a toy. Nephew "I saw it first". Me "I paid for it". I always win.