Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A little light reading

I know we are all busy as we ramp up for the upcoming silly season, but I ran across two interesting articles that shed some light both on Amazon and UPS. 

Confessions of an Amazon warehouse worker

This multi-part article, and others like it, reveal the behind-the-scenes activities at an Amazon distribution warehouse.

5 Reasons Packages Get Destroyed (Learned Working at UPS) is a comedy site, so the article tries to be humorous, and includes some coarse language. However, it does provide some worthwhile information to keep in mind as you ship your packages.

Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?? Guess what day it is!


Sorry, couldn’t resist.  I actually like that commercial.

Oh, and it’s also Free Pie Wednesday at O’Charley’s restaurants.  Ella and I have a lunch date, and she chose O’Charley’s just for the gratis pastry.  We always take the pie home, though, and Ella usually eats both her slice and mine.


  1. Good reads! I realized one day that being the first customer at the post office wasn't necessarily a good thing. My priority packages would be the first to go into a giant bin, with all subsequent packages piled on top of it throughout the day. If you have something fragile, it's probably best not to be the first in line.
    And I love the hump day commercial with the camel. It doesn't get old.
    Pie is also a wonderful thing! Enjoy!!! :-)

  2. Great reads. Apparently I'll have to stop writing fragile on everything, but honestly, a lot of what I sell is fragile. Darned if you do- darned if you don't. In any case, enjoy your date and tell Ella to enjoy her pie :)

  3. That article about the UPS made me laugh. I don't usually use UPS...I use the Post Office...which probably isn't any better. Anyway, I mark "Fragile" on all 4 sides of my boxes of jars and on the top too! But, I haven't had any breakage in ages and ages so I thought it was working! I guess I will still take my chances and keep writing it! Thanks! ~~Pam