Monday, November 25, 2013

Being thankful

It’s a cliché, but many blogs this time of year sport “what I’m thankful for” themes. Today, in the spirit of the holiday, I am doing the opposite.

What I am NOT thankful for, both in this silly season, and throughout the year, in no particular order:
  • Cold weather.  Either I’m getting older with thinner skin, or it seems to be getting colder each year.  Whatever happened to global warming?
  • “Huge” and “mega” yard sales that are no more than one or two tables full of junk.  Why do they even bother?
  • Non-paying buyers. 
  • Constant rule changes on Amazon and Ebay.
  • Holiday traffic.  
  • Crowds at Wal-mart that make buying a simple tube of toothpaste an hour-long event.
  • Endless Christmas music on every radio station.
  • Salvation Army bell ringers who ring their bells incessantly. 
  • Too many dealers, not enough good books at sales.
  • Sellers who think their Holiday Barbies are actually worth big money.
  • Yard sales that advertise “no early birds,” then open early.
  • Yard sales that close early, or just before you get there.
  • Tiny yard sale signs on street corners that are impossible to read.
  • Yard sale advertisements without actual addresses.
  • Telemarketers who won’t take no for an answer, and keep calling and calling and calling.
  • Salespersons who think they are smarter than you.
  • Endless road construction.
  • Endless snipping between political parties and members thereof.
  • Every church in town seemingly deciding to hold a sale on same Saturday.
  • Gas station sushi.
  • Not having a good box to mail an item.
In all seriousness, though, since it is Thanksgiving, I do feel the need to say that I am thankful for Ella, Duc, and the rest of my family and friends, and for all my wonderful readers who for some inexplicable reason continue to peruse my drivel that I have painstakingly disguised as a blog.

I am also thankful for Amazon and Ebay, without which I probably would be asking, “do you want fries with that?” on a nightly basis.


  1. What a great list! I too get peeved at garage sale ads that use the word "huge"or phrases like "60 years of collecting" and turn out to be only a table or two of crap. Grrr!
    And I look for good boxes like they were gold because I won't list an item unless I know I have the right packaging for it. I peruse the alleys behind stores in the wee hours looking for long narrow ones because those are the hardest to find.
    And I am thankful for your blog and others like it that share experiences, both good and bad, with reselling. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family! :-)

    1. Happy Turkey Day to you and your family as well.

  2. I agree with you on everything you listed. I must admit that I've never tried gas station sushi, but I'm going to take your word for it. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    1. The gas station sushi is a reference to an insurance commercial:

      We all make bad decisions,” the voiceover for that commercial goes, “like, say, gas station sushi. Cheap is good, and sushi good, but cheap sushi—not so good.”

  3. Love your list! I just wish I had a few crummy yard sales to go to though! None around here this time of year! ~~Pam

    1. We had a few on Saturday, and we even went to a small auction. I'm expecting a few next Saturday as well. I always have to ask the question as to who is sillier, the person who has a sale when it is freezing, or the person who attends a sale when it is freezing.