Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Cast of Characters

Big sales are few and far between during the winter months here, and a church yard sale in January was a rarity.  And given that it was the only game in town that morning, the line formed early.  Upon taking my place in line, I realized that I recognized many of the would-be buyers from other sales, even though I didn’t know their real names.

One of my favorite shows on TV now is Storage Wars.  Since I buy storage units occasionally, I can relate, sort of, to the characters.  However, when the show first started, I thought it was silly to give the characters nicknames (i.e., the Gambler, the Mogul, the Collector, etc.). While waiting in line, though, I realized that I subconsciously did the same thing with my fellow sellers.

For example, behind me was the Art Collector.  He was passing the time telling everyone in line about the latest valuable (OK, semi-valuable; we’re not talking about Van Gogh here) painting he bought from an estate sale. 

Ahead of us was the Jewelry Thief. She was telling how adroitly she plucked a small piece of jewelry from a box at the same estate sale, and had it listed for big bucks on eBay.  She and the Art Collector were swapping stories, sort of professional flirting, I guess.

At the front of the line was the Electronics Guru.  His specialty is old radios, speakers, turntables, etc. He had his green canvas bag ready to stash, well, his stash.  He was one of the first sellers I ever met, and the only one that I know that does it for a living.  While he specializes in electronics, he dabbles in just about everything else as well.

Beside me were Big and Little Enos. They were quiet the whole time, so I don’t know what their specialty is.  But I see them frequently, always together, always wearing their over-hauls.

Toward the back was the Old Camera Guy.  All this guy ever wants is old camera equipment.  I’ve seen him walk up to a sale, ask about cameras, then leave.  He doesn’t waste any time.

The rest of the line was filled with other sellers, some serious, some relaxed.  All were there to try and make a buck or two.

As for me, I’m known as the Book Guy, or the Book People, if my wife is with me. I’m fond of that title, but I have a feeling that I might give the rest of the Cast of Characters a run for their money in the near future since I learn all their secrets while listening to them talk about their exploits and secrets while waiting in line.

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